LinkedIn is a crucial tool that helps job seekers garner attention from companies online.

This is great, but it is NOT some magic tool that gets you job offers right away. Just like a resume, you have to present your strengths and experiences to employers. Here are some tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out!


Does your LinkedIn profile represent your current job position?

You’re looking for a job in a new industry. Have you updated your LinkedIn so that your profile appeals to this new industry?

If not, do it. Keep relevant information updated and focus on catering to the new companies that you are interested in.


Keep a professional image

Just like on social media, you have to be careful what you post on LinkedIn. Recruiters will often look at your activity and determine whether you’re a valid candidate or not.

ALWAYS present yourself as the person you want companies to look at and say WOW!


Include pictures

Putting a profile picture makes you seem more personal and that is ALWAYS a good thing. Try not to include family and friends out of it. 

Try to focus on your professional branding metrics within your cover photo.


Make your headline catch attention

When writing your headline, try to make it creative.

Make it stand out with emojis or color of some sort, and include more than just your job title or current company.

Add in industry related keywords for extra profile views!


Be active

Use LinkedIn! It wasn’t just made for job searchers. It was made for connecting and networking with other job professionals and companies.

Making connections and engaging in conversation with fellow workers can never hurt. You never know who might see your comments and find you.

Try to make your profile interesting. This will help you stand out as a professional and job candidate.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions just contact me!