You’re looking for jobs! A couple companies with openings for your position catch your eye. You’re qualified for your job and have plenty of experience. The question is, does your resume say so?

I have seen a lot of resumes, and it’s crazy to see how many are old and completely useless in your search for a good position.

You can be overqualified for a job but still be at a disadvantage if your resume is not up to date. Following the continuously changing resume styles and techniques can fix that!

There is a new obstacle waiting for job-seekers everywhere. The Applicant Tracking Systems(ATS). This online program essentially scans every resume that is sent in for an open position, and decides if it is worthwhile for a hiring manager or recruiter to look at.

If you don’t want to say goodbye to that job you’ve been wanting, you need to get past the ATS.

How might you succeed in beating the ATS? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips.


Keep Your Resume FocusedOnline Job Search

A common mistake I see is people making their resume too extravagant. Too many pictures, templates, and extra add-ins will confuse the ATS. Keeping your resume within the parameters of the ATS is very important.

You don’t want to put too much extra in your resume, or it will likely not pass the system. Staying professional and straightforward will work wonders with the ATS.

In addition to this, keep your information relevant. Experience, education, and important skills should be the core!


Say Goodbye to the Objective

Look at the top of your resume. Do you see an objective? If you do, get rid of it! Objectives are outdated and unnecessary.

No one even reads them anymore, so why waste space on the most important document in your job search?

A professional summary would be the perfect thing to replace it with. Summaries are wonderful for professionally displaying your experiences, skills, and notable accomplishments.

They can grab recruiters attention and that gets you closer to an interview! Objectives don’t make a good impression, summaries do.


Keywords, Keywords, Keywords

Every industry has keywords that relates skill and success.

Applicant Tracking Systems look for these words! Learning these words can be tough, but if you do, they can dramatically increase your success in the job search. These terms will be noticed by both ATS and recruiters!

One of the best places you can find these keywords are right in front of you. When looking for positions, these terms are everywhere in the job descriptions.

Finding exact words and phrases and putting them into your resume will give you the push that your resume needs to get through the ATS. While they are super important, try not to overuse keywords, or you might scare off recruiters!


Spelling and Grammar

While this is super simple, it is also very important! Incorrect spelling and grammar can make your resume look unprofessional and poorly made.

It may not seem like much, but an error free resume can really impress recruiters and hiring managers. Spell check and re-read your resume a couple times, and you’ll be on your way!