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About Noah

Hi! I’m Noah!

I know what you’re thinking – you’ve seen my picture and I’m WAY too young to be writing your resumes. You’re not the first person to think that.


Yes, I am young, likely younger than anybody I’ve written resumes for, but I have researched, been mentored and have a very strong understanding of resumes and the whole job search process. Go ahead…quiz me! 😉 I have come to know what it takes to create a resume that makes recruiters and hiring managers say, “Wow, this is the professional candidate we are looking for.” I know all the resume keywords, formats, and styles that will pass the ATS, impress recruiters, and get YOU interviews. I’ve got ya covered.


How did I even start writing resumes? Good question!


Growing up, I have always had a knack for business, marketing, and writing… so resume writing is a total three-in-one WIN!! Fact is, the job seekers I work with have total success with the resumes I develop for them.


Working with job seekers and writing resumes has allowed me to combine my talents with my passions and now I can use them to get you the job of your dreams.


Do you know what I love? I love hearing the success stories from the job seekers I work with. How fast they receive interview offers and receive job offers. What makes me different than other services out there?  I run a very personal business and work hand in hand with my clients to ensure that each and every one of them get the quality resume they deserve.

Oh, Did I Mention? I’m REALLY Good at What I Do!!

Let’s get you into the interviews you want!